Credit Card Payment

Miami Dental Arts accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Click here to print a credit card authorization form.

Open Account Terms

Miami Dental Arts has an established open account policy of net 30 days. We provide each account with a statement of their account on the last business day of each month with payment due the following month by the 10th. There is a grace period until the last business day of the following month. In order to qualify for the grace period payment, in full, must be received by the last business day. If payment is not received by the last business day of the month the account becomes past due and a service charge of 1% is added to the account.

Our payment schedule is as follows:   January invoices are due February 10th; February invoices are due March 10th, March invoices are due April 10th, April invoices are due May 10th, May invoices are due June 10th, June invoices are due July 10th, July invoices are due August 10th, August invoices are due September 10th, September invoices are due October 10th, October invoices are due November 10th, November invoices are due December 10th, December invoices are due January 10th.

Should an account become over 60 days past due, all credit privileges will be suspended and all further cases must be paid by credit card or C.O.D. If the account becomes over 90 days past due, the account will be given to a collection agency and all costs incurred will be collected in addition to the past due balance.

Click here to print out a credit background verification release form. Send the completed form to Miami Dental Arts, Inc. 11025 NW 29 Street, Miami, FL 33172 or fax it to 305(599-1132). DO NOT EMAIL THIS INFORMATION TO US. EMAIL IS NOT SECURED.